Festive appetizer with ALDIA FRUITS

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Oh yes, the festive season is on it’s way. We are already set for the aperitivo. With ALDIA FRUITS this time. Make your own favorite combination and enjoy!

Puff pastry (CRUSTY)


  • Flour  2500 g
  • Melted butter 500 g
  • Water (cold) 1150 g
  • Margarine for puff pastry 2000 g
  • Salt 60  g

Filling of your choice:

  • ALDIA APPLE, black pudding
  • ALDIA PEAR, roquefort cheese, bacon, honey
  • ALDIA APPLE, frankfurter sausage, sour cabbage
  • ALDIA CHERRY, minced meat


Knead the water, flour, salt and melted butter (in first gear) until you get a smooth and homogenous pastry. Give it 6 turns of 3 or 4 turns 4 with some pauses between 2 turns. Place the dough in the fridge when it get ’s too hot.


Roll out the puff pastry until 2,5 mm thick. Cut two ribbons of 15 cm. Place one on a baking tray and prick in it with a fork. Place the filling on top and coat the sides with egg yolk. Make a raster of the second ribbon and place it on the first one. Push a bit so it sticks well together.Coat it with egg yolk and bake it on a baking tray for 40 min. on 190°C.


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